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Per Site / Exc VAT

  • One off payment
  • 12 months of updates
  • All Vendr features

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Per Site / Exc VAT

  • One off payment
  • 12 additional months of updates
  • All Vendr features



Per Site / Per Month / Exc VAT

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Unlimited updates
  • All Vendr features
  • Cancel any time

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FAQs about licensing

  • Click the Purchase button, fill in the details on the form; your name, company name, billing address, domain name the licence is for and your company VAT number. Payments for the licence can be made by credit/debit card.

  • If you’re not registered for VAT in your country, please follow the steps during the checkout process for sending proof that you are a registered business and we will review to see if we’re able to sell you a licence.

    Unfortunately we cannot sell licences to individuals or those who cannot provide proof they are a company, due to VAT rules in the UK and EU.

  • If purchasing a Standard Licence, yes, the licence is for the life of the domain registered upon purchase of the licence. This provides you with 12 months of updates.

    Should you wish to update Vendr after the 12 month period from purchase, an upgrade licence can be bought. Upgrade licences provide you with a further 12 months of updates from the date of purchase and will cost €600.00 +VAT each.

    If purchasing a Subscription Licence, the licence fee is a monthly fee which will be processed automatically.

  • You can buy a Vendr licence in most counties around the world, however we do have some restrictions. We cannot process a licence sale in countries which have a 0% VAT (value added tax) threshold for the sale of digital goods and services. If we sold into one of those countries we would be liable to pay tax on any amount of digital goods we sold, meaning we would have to register as a tax entity in that country. So to reduce liability we have decided we cannot sell to the following countries for that reason:




    Republic of Korea

    Russian Federation

    Saudi Arabia




    United Arab Emirates


  • If using a standard licence you can add your licence to source control without a problem.

    If using a subscription licence, the original licence file your receive after purchase can be added to source control, however as part of the licence refresh logic, Vendr will store refreshed licences with the extension .refresh.lic, which should be excluded from your source control.

  • We currently only support paying for subscription licences via monthly credit card payments. 

  • Subscription licences require your server to be able to make external HTTP requests in order to periodically update the local licence file. Local licence files are valid for 30 days after which, if the server is unable to make requests to the licensing server, the Vendr install will revert to trial mode.

  • Yes, you can cancel a subscription licence at any time using the management link found in your original order email. Once cancelled you can continue to use Vendr until the end of the billing cycle, after which Vendr will revert to trial mode.

  • Unfortunately we don't allow switching between licence types. To move to a standard licence from a subscription licence, you would need to cancel your subscription using the management link in your order email and then purchase a full new replacement standard licence.