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The Vendr Partner Program Ethos

Our Partner Program consists of three levels, one free level and two paid options, all with the same purpose, to allow agencies and developers to market their use of Vendr, showcasing their knowledge and experience using our product. Our main goal with the program is to ensure it is accessible for agencies and freelance developers alike, which is why we decided to stick with the Vendr ethos of ‘Simplicity at Heart’.

About Vendr

Vendr has come a long way since it’s launch back in March 2020. We have developed new features and enhancements, with much more in the pipeline. We have maintained a high level of support and received excellent user feedback and we've won an Umbraco Package Award! Developers using Vendr have created some wonderful sites which you can soon see in our upcoming Case Studies section. And with so many new and happy Vendr implementers out there now, we think the time is right to introduce a Vendr Partner Program


Prestige Partner

The Prestige Partner level is for agencies that have built a number of Vendr sites that demonstrate advanced Vendr knowledge and feature bespoke customisation elements such as custom payment providers, extensions to the back office UI or 3rd party integrations. In order to become a Prestige Partner, agencies must provide us with links to 2 recent Vendr builds and must sign up to an extended code review / interview where their advanced implementations will be verified and they must clearly demonstrate their knowledge of the Vendr API.

Accredited Partner

The Accredited Partner level is for agencies that have built a number of Vendr sites and would like to highlight to their prospective clients their competency in implementing the Vendr product. In order to become an Accredited Partner, agencies must provide us with links to 2 recent Vendr builds, sign up to a code review / interview where their implementations will be verified and they must clearly demonstrate their knowledge of the Vendr API, to ensure they are following Vendr best practices.

Registered Partner

The Registered Partner level is for agencies who are in the early stages of learning Vendr, who wish to be kept in the loop about Vendr Partner related news and want to showcase their support for the Vendr product. The only requirements for this level of partnership is that they show they are a real entity and they provide us with a valid email address and website URL.

Callum Whyte

" Having built many customisations to enhance our client’s Vendr experiences, the extended code review process to become a Prestige Partner was a perfect opportunity to exchange feedback and ideas as well as confirm our solutions are following recommended practice, and that for me is where the value in becoming a Vendr Prestige Partner is. "

Callum Whyte
Bump Digital

Choose a Vendr partner level

Partner Level


  • For agencies/devs just starting with Vendr
  • Registered Partner badge
  • Low level Partner page listing
  • Free
  • No renewal required

Partner Level


  • For agencies/devs with ootb Vendr knowledge
  • Two site build minimum
  • Code review
  • Medium level Partner page listing
  • Accredited Partner Badge
  • Code review fee - Introductory €800.00+VAT introductory (usually €1200.00+VAT)
  • Optional €600.00+VAT annual renewal

Partner Level


  • For agencies/devs demonstrating advanced Vendr expertise
  • Two site build minimum
  • Extended code review
  • High level Partner page listing
  • Prestige Partner Badge
  • Prestige Partner Profile blog post
  • Code review fee - Introductory €1200.00+VAT (usually €1800.00+VAT)
  • Optional €900.00+VAT annual renewal


  • The costs for each of the Accredited and Prestige levels are to cover the time and admin processes involved in carrying out the respective level's code review/interview, to establish if an agency/developer have met the criteria to become either an Accredited or Prestige Partner.

  • No, the cost isn't to buy into the program, but to cover the time and admin costs to carry out the code reviews. As such, if in the code review we feel the criteria for, for example, the Prestige level hasn't been met/demonstrated, then the Prestige status may not be given. However, you may be offered a lower level until such time that you can show you have met the criteria for the desired Partner Program level.

  • Badges for the upper two levels are date stamped in order to show which year you became an Accredited or Prestige Partner. Since the program is designed to showcase an agency's/developer's Vendr skill level, there needs to be an ongoing review process. After your initial year as a program member, you will be asked to partake in an annual code review to establish if the skill level remains the same. We will look at new site builds and any package, PR or Vendr contributions to establish the maintenance of your Partner Program level. If you meet the criteria on an ongoing basis, you will be provided with an updated Partner level badge showing the date from which you first became a partner to the present year. Renewal is optional, if you don't wish to renew, then you may keep the badge you currently have. You are also welcome to move up a partner level by applying for the next level up and undergoing the processes as previously outlined.