• Click the Purchase button, fill in the details on the form; your name, company name, billing address, domain name the licence is for and your company VAT number.

    Payments for the licence can be made by credit/debit card.

  • If you’re not registered for VAT in your country, please follow the steps during the checkout process for sending proof that you are a registered business and we will review your submission to see if we’re able to sell you a licence.

    Unfortunately we cannot sell licences to individuals or those who cannot provide proof they are a business, due to VAT rules in the UK and EU.

  • You can buy a Vendr licence in most counties around the world, however we do have some restrictions. We cannot process a licence sale in countries which have a 0% VAT (value added tax) threshold for the sale of digital goods and services and who do not offer a reverse charge mechanism for the collection VAT. If we sold into one of those countries we would have to register as an entity within that county because we would be liable collect and pay tax on any amount of digital goods we sold. So to reduce liability and admin overhead we have decided we cannot sell to the following countries for the above stated reason:












    Republic of Korea (South Korea)

    Russian Federation (Russia)

    Saudi Arabia







  • Yes, the licence is for the life of the domain registered upon purchase of the licence. This provides you with 12 months of updates.

    Should you wish to update Vendr after the 12 month period from purchase, an upgrade licence can be bought. Upgrade licences provide you with a further 12 months of updates from the date of purchase and will cost €600.00 +VAT each. The ability to purchase upgrade licences will be launched in due course.

  • The easiest way to find out how to install Vendr, is to head over to our Documentation site.

  • If using a standard licence you can add your licence to source control without a problem.

    If using a subscription licence, the original licence file your receive after purchase can be added to source control, however as part of the licence refresh logic, Vendr will store refreshed licences with the extension .refresh.lic, which should be excluded from your source control.

  • You can install Vendr and use all its features without having a licence installed for your website, while it is in staging mode, to allow you to test and see if Vendr is the right Umbraco 8+ eCommerce solution for you, prior to paying for a licence. Once you’re ready to go live, you will must purchase your licence.

    You can also test Vendr’s capabilities by downloading the demo store.

  • You can find the demo store at try.vendr.net – there are also links in the developer section of our website.

  • Yes! In Vendr you can have multi-stores, multi-currency, multi-countries and much more. The only stipulation is that they are part of the same domain.

  • Vendr supports a lot of different payment providers. You can find the full list in our documentation site here.

  • Absolutely! Vendr has a number of popular payment providers ready to use. However, Vendr’s payment providers are completely plugable, so if you can’t find the one you wish to use, Vendr provides an API for you to easily create your own.

  • There are a number of resources to help you get started and receive support when developing eCommerce websites with Vendr.

    The first port of call should be our documentation, which extensively explains the key areas of Vendr, the approaches taken and how to implement them. Documentation is an ongoing process as the product develops over time. We will also add tutorials and ‘how to’ sections in the coming months.

    The second port of call should be the forum on the Umbraco developer portal (Our), for any technical questions or queries you might have. This is monitored by the team and may also get a helpful reply from a fellow developer, we are after all part of the friendly Umbraco community!

    And the last port of call should be dropping us an email at support@outfield.digital should you wish to ask wish to discuss something technical which is too commercially sensitive for the open forum.

    What ever you need, support is always at hand.

  • In order to expedite a version of Vendr sooner and to ensure we make the right decisions on improving the new solution, we took the decision to delay some features you might be used to seeing in Tea Commerce from development ahead of our initial release. However, over the last few months we have made great progress working through the items we delayed. Any remaining delayed features are listed below:

    • Multi-product variants – simple product variants can be achieved using Umbraco parent/child nodes

    Once we have reviewed initial feedback post Vendr release, we will plan the timescales to develop the above features. Follow us on Twitter @heyvendr and sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all Vendr news and announcements. 

  • If you change domain name before the shop is launched and live, you can contact our support team to change the licence.

    If the store is live and you have a requirement to change the domain name, please contact our support team and we will send you a Change of Domain Name contract, which will need to be signed by the store owner before we can make changes to the licence.

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