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About Vendr

Vendr is the new eCommerce solution made for Umbraco 8+, brought to you by Outfield Digital, the product owners of Tea Commerce. Using Tea Commerce as a basis, retaining the ethos for simple, yet flexible eCommerce, Vendr has been developed with a number of improvements.

Rebuilt and re-engineered from the ground up, using solid yet flexible coding practices, Vendr takes the original ethos of Tea Commerce and brings it right up to date. And with an upgraded back office UI, the look and feel of Vendr is now fully in-line with the Umbraco back office, meaning developers, content editors and store owners alike will all enjoy a more consistent experience. Oh, and it's also an award winning solution, having won Best Expansion package at the 2021 Umbraco Package Awards!

Simple Order Management

With Vendr's slick order management UX, keeping track of your orders is a cinch. Orders are categorised with colour-coded order status labels, which can be searched for, for speedy management.

Dashboards & Analytics

Keeping track of the performance of your store can be complicated, but with Vendr we provide you with a friendly summary dashboard for an instant view and a detailed analytics section to track your performance over time.

Flexible Discounting

Creating discounts in Vendr is an easy and flexible process. Our Rules and Rewards builder comes with a number of common discounting options out-of-the-box, such as product line discounts, bundle discounts, cart discounts and discount codes. And its also completely customisable, meaning you can create your own discounting rules and rewards.

Plugable Payment Providers

There are so many different payment providers out there meaning store owners have so many options to choose from. Vendr comes with a number of popular payment providers ready to go and we'll be adding more in due course. However, Vendr's payment providers are completely plugable, so if you can't find the one you are looking for, Vendr provides an API for you to easily create your own.


Multi-store, multi-currency, multi-country, Multi-everything! Vendr is unlimited, no matter how many stores, countries, currencies you need, Vendr can handle it.

Inbuilt Email Engine

Vendr comes with an inbuilt system to configure and send out emails, such as order confirmation, dispatch information and receipts, all of which are fully customisable.

Built for Umbraco

Unlike other eCommerce platforms Vendr is all about Umbraco. We harness the power of Umbraco for content, search, and even our product nodes. This makes things easier to develop, edit and manage, giving a consistent experience for all Vendr users.

Developer Friendly

Vendr is built by an Umbraco developer, for Umbraco developers. Utilising pipelines and events, Vendr is fully extensible with a friendly API.

Additional features

  • Product management features
    • Custom product information via Umbraco property editors
    • Works well with other Umbraco packages
    • Unlimited product templates
    • Related variants
    • Related products
    • Multi-store support at no extra cost
    • Multiple currency support
    • Multilingual support
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features
    • Fully customisable meta information
    • SEO friendly URLs
    • Works well with other SEO packages
  • Marketing features
    • Discount codes
    • Automatic discounts
    • Advanced discount rules builder
    • Advanced discount rewards builder
    • Multi-discount support
    • Plugable discount rule providers
    • Plugable discount reward providers
    • Unit price discounts
    • Total order line discounts
    • Order subtotal discounts
    • Order total discounts
    • Payment fee discounts
    • Shipping fee discounts
    • Member only discounts
    • Gift cards
  • Analytics Features
    • Store dashboard with daily summary
    • Analytics dashboard with performance over time
    • Compare performance with previous time periods
    • Total Orders Widget
    • Total Revenue Widget
    • Average Order Value Widget
    • Cart Conversion Rates Widget
    • Repeat Customer Rates Widget
    • Top Selling Products Widget
    • Add your own analytics widgets
  • Order features
    • Search for orders by customer name or order number
    • Simple order organisation via order status
    • Custom order status support
    • Colour coded order status support
    • Friendly order editor view for easy order reading
    • Customisable order editor view
    • Add custom information to orders
    • Add custom information to order lines
    • Automatically connect orders to Umbraco members
  • Payment method features
    • Common payment providers available out-of-the-box
    • Apply custom payment fees to payments
    • Manage transactions directly from the back office
    • Unlimited payment methods
    • Create your own payment providers
    • Control payment provider availability per country
    • Extendable payment calculators
  • Shipping method features
    • Apply custom shipping fees
    • Unlimited shipping methods
    • Control shipping method availability by country
    • Extendable shipping calculators
  • Taxation features
    • Multiple tax class support
    • Per country tax rates per tax class
    • Tax class selectable per product
    • Configurable tax source rules
  • Email features
    • Multiple email template support
    • Auto send email to customers
    • Resend emails to customers
    • Customisable settings per language
    • Send your own email templates via an API
  • Integration features
    • Flexible API with many extension points
    • Friendly developer API
    • Uses Umbraco dependency injection for consistency
    • Overridable features via dependency injection

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