Configuring Yourpay

Documentation for the Yourpay Checkout (One Time) payment provider for Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Sign up & Sign in

If you haven't done so yet, head on over to to register for a Yourpay account.

Yourpay Signup

Or, if you already have an account, you can head over to to sign in to your account.

Yourpay Sign in

API Keys

In order for Vendr to communicate with Yourpay securely we will need to use a series of keys that Vendr can use to authenticate with.

In the sidebar, click the Account Information heading. Here you will find your Merchant ID (use for test payments) and Production Merchant ID (used for payments in production). Furthermore you will find a Merchant Token and a Integration Key. The Integration Key is user defined (empty by default) and is used in verification of the payment in the callback.

Yourpay API Keys

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