Configuring Umbraco

Documentation for the Yourpay Checkout (One Time) payment provider for Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Create Payment Method

In the Umbraco back-office, in the Settings > Vendr > Stores > > Payment Methods section, click the Create Payment Method button to create a new payment method, choosing Yourpay Checkout (One Time) from the list of available payment providers.

Create Payment Method

Configure Payment Provider Settings

In the payment method editor, configure the standard payment method settings as required, then configure the Yourpay payment provider settings as follows:

Name Description
Continue URL
The URL of the page to navigate to after payment is successful - e.g. /confirmation/
Cancel URL
The URL of the page to navigate to if the customer cancels the payment - e.g. /cart/
Error URL
The URL of the page to navigate to if there is an error with the payment - e.g. /error/
Merchant ID
The Merchant ID used for test payments
Production Merchant ID
The Merchant ID used for payments in production
Merchant Token
The Merchant Token used to communicate with Yourpay API
Specify the language used in the payment window
Auto Capture
Toggle indicating whether to immediately capture the payment, or whether to authorize the payment for later (manual) capturing
Test Mode
Toggle indicating whether this provider should run in test mode

Create Payment Provider Settings

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