Changelog for the Core Vendr product


Date: 2020-12-21
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed bug with license checking erroring during Umbraco Deploy deployments (#233).
  • Fixed issue with order confirmation email using payment country name in place of shipping country name.
  • Fixed spelling error in auto generated error email template alias.
  • Fixed regression where custom product adapter was not being allowed on trial license.
  • Updated discounts to apply percentage values differently depending on whether tax is included in prices or not (rounding issue).
  • Fixed YSOD when assigning an orders order status prior to finalization due to the activity logger. The activity logger now only logs activity for finalized orders.
  • Updated the Price entity to prioritize tax rounding over base price rounding.


Date: 2020-12-10
Description: Major breaking changes release

For more details on this release, including a recommended upgrade strategy, please see the Vendr 1.4.0 RC blog post.

  • Added price adjustments / adjusters.
  • Added amount adjustments / adjusters.
  • Changed licensing factory to support subscription licenses in the future.
  • Discounts are now Price Adjustments and so all price "Discount" related properties have been renamed to "Adjustment" related properties.
  • Because Discounts are now Price Adjustments, Discounts are now no longer calculated as their own calculation pipeline task (CalculateOrderDiscountsTask). Instead, there is now an adjustments calculation pipeline task that calculates all adjustments (ApplyOrderPriceAdjustmentsTask), of which Discounts are now a type of adjuster (DiscountsPriceAdjuster).
  • Because price adjustments can be positive or negative, all discount adjustments are now negative in value (important if you using discounts to calculate a value).
  • All order calculation pipeline tasks related to "Discounts"/"Discounted" have all been renamed to "Adjustments"/"Adjusted" task names. All previous tasks have been marked obsolete with intelisense to guide you to the new implementation.
  • Gift Cards are now Amount Adjustments and so all "Gift Card" related properties are now found in the "Adjustment" related properties.
  • Because Gift Cards are now Amount Adjustments, Gift Cards are now no longer calculated as their own calculation pipeline task (CalculateOrderGiftCardAmountsTask). Instead, there is now an adjustments calculation pipeline task that calculates all adjustments (ApplyOrderAmountAdjustmentsTask), of which Gift Cards are now a type of adjuster (GiftCardsAmountAdjuster).
  • Gift Card / Amount Adjustment values are now found on the TransactionAmount property rather than the TotalPrice property of an order.


Date: 2020-12-07
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed bug in back office rendering of bundled items where total columns were not lining up.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a discount fired the DiscountedCodeAdded validation event and prevented a discount code from being removed (#222).
  • Fixed bug in UmbracoBooleanJsonConverter not handling null values (#224).
  • Added extra logging to cache refreshers so these can more easily be debugged.


Date: 2020-11-23
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Bulk actions are now extendable (#218).
  • Added validation error when redeeming a discount/gift card where the code doesn't exist.
  • Added order line bundleId to uniqueness properties list by default to enforce all bundles being unique order line.
  • Added HMACSHA1Hash helper to payment provider base class.
  • Fixed issue where logged in customers weren't assigned to newly created orders (#213).
  • Fixed bug in PropertyValue constructor not settings IsServerSideOnly and IsReadOnly to passed in values.
  • Put Vendr stores tree into "Commerce" group so if anyone adds a new tree to the commerce section, the stores node does not appear under a generic "Third Party" group.
  • Fixed spelling mistake in RegisteredCustomerInfo method name.
  • Fixed bug in default Tax Class validation rule being passed the wrong ID to validate.
  • Fixed bug with discount rules provider not filtering "All" rules fulfilled order lines correctly.


Date: 2020-10-28
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added extra hashing method to the Payment Provider base class (#209).
  • Added UnassignFromCustomer convenience method to order.
  • Stock is now replenished if an order payment status is Cancelled (#196).
  • Added distributed cache refresher for gift cards (#212).
  • Added validation rules to ensure entities set as "defaults" can't be deleted until a new default is set (#201).
  • Fixed minor alignment issues on the store actions list (#192).
  • Fixed TotalPrice.TotalDiscount not taking into account payment / shipping discounts (#207).
  • Fixed discount distributed cache refresher not actually being hooked up (#211).
  • Fixed typo in validation error for invalid combination fo currency / country (#205).
  • Fixed issue where member discounts aren't recalculated when the order customer changes (#204).
  • Fixed conditional input break after 7.7 UI breaking change (#203).
  • Changed the breakpoint at which the Vendr layout reduces to mobile (#202).
  • Changed how percentage discounts work so that they calculate percentage of pre-tax + tax prices rather than just the pre-tax and use the orders tax rate.


Date: 2020-10-05
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added unique code validation rule for Gift Cards.
  • Expose the NPoco database type in the DatabaseUnitOfWork.
  • Fixed bug where users would get logged out when editing discounts / gift cards due to the tree Controller checking the wrong permission (#197).
  • Fixed SQL date error in Analytics section when using British English - English DB culture (#198).
  • Removed redundant code fetching member in order editor (#185).


Date: 2020-10-05
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added Formatted() extension method to DiscountedPrice.
  • Added extra methods to order service to get Finalized, Open and All orders for a customer.
  • Added Region info to billing / shipping address details (#180).
  • Added Discount entity to DiscountRuleContext inline with DiscountRewardContext (#189)
  • Added StoreActionsRenderingNotification and ActivityLogEntriesRenderingNotification events to allow extending the store dashboard.
  • Added support for a VendrLicensesDirectory app setting to override where licenses are loaded from.
  • Fixed error when deleting an order connected to a Gift Card (#186).
  • Fixed a spelling error in the search term model for the item picker directive.
  • Fixed performance issue introduced in 1.3.0 where constantly loading an entity become significantly slower. Introduced a new EntityStateCacheAccessor to only use the new transactional entity state cache when necessary (#191).
  • Fixed migration error if installing on a site where the Vendr tables already exist, Vendr hasn't been installed yet (#190).
  • Removed redundant code fetching member in order editor (#185).


Date: 2020-09-17
Description: Minor release including new features and some bug fixes / breaking changes

  • Added new store summary dashboard featuring a sales summary, links to pertinent actions as well as an activity log.
  • Added commerce route dashboard giving summary of stores the current user has access to.
  • Added analytics section to stores to provide basic analytics reporting on the stores performance.
  • Added ability to handle Vendr subscription based licenses.
  • Added Vendr logo to Umbraco package.
  • Fixed Umbraco 8.8 RC styling issues mostly around icons.
  • IEntityStateCache is now no longer an injectable dependency, instead it accessed via the Unit of Work.
  • List view buttons now use the outline style as per the latest Umbraco.
  • IProductCalculator now accepts a ProductCalculatorContext.
  • IUnitOfWork interface now provides access to entity state cache.
  • UnitOfWork now accepts a VendrUnitOfWorkTransaction.


Date: 2020-09-11
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes mostly around the Umbraco 8.7 release

  • Fixed a styling bug in order details header that got missed in the previous release.


Date: 2020-09-11
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes mostly around the Umbraco 8.7 release

  • Fixed a bug in the session manager remembering an order after it had been moved to finalized.
  • Fixed bug in UI mot matching the same colours used by Umbraco (#174).
  • Fixed bug with price + store entity pickers not working correctly in Umbraco 8.7 (#176).
  • Fixed a series of style changes in the recently Umbraco 8.7 release.


Date: 2020-08-21
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added new customer info panel accessible via a user icon next to the customer name to be able to display registered customer info + order history (#129).
  • Added helpful exception messages if you attempt to create an order but the required store default config isn't yet in place. It now tells you what needs fixing, and how to fix it (#158).
  • Use umb-loader component in Vendr list view rather than raw markup + css classes (#161).
  • Improved accessibility in a number of areas (#162).
  • Removed umb-overlay directive usage in favour of the overlayService (#163).
  • Expanded any self closing directive DOM tags as this is considered bad practice for directives (#164).
  • Fixed bug where creating a new order via the session manager wasn't populating a default shipping country / shipping method (#156).
  • Fixed bug in session manager SetDefaultCurrency and SetDefaultTaxClass where exception was thrown if applyToCurrentOrder is true (#160).
  • Add null checks and error logs if there is a problem calculating order gift card amount if a gift card is deleted (#167).
  • Fixed long order line names flowing off screen. They are now truncated with ... (#147).
  • Fixed bug in Member Group Discount Rule throwing YSOD due to DI resource not being found. Now use IMemberService for everything.
  • Fixed rounding issue when applying a discount amount but the order line totals calculation doesn't match the price + tax of the discount exactly.


Date: 2020-07-29
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added payment provider feature to fetch an orders payment status from the payment gateway when an order is opened in the same way Tea Commerce does.
  • Updated how the stock property editor loads and persists it's value so that it doesn't cause a stock update every time it's saved.
  • Orders now finalize if the payment status is anything but Initialized (previously didn't finalize if the status was PendingExternalSystem).
  • Pending payment status is now displayed as purple in the back office so that it's not the same colour as the canceled status.
  • Updated the store entity picker to support multiple store resolution modes so that the picker can be used outside of the content section (#141).
  • Fixed bug when creating US country regions from preset (#159).
  • Fixed issue with payment provider continue/cancel/error URLs escaping querystrings (#157).
  • Fixed <= price discount rule not displaying correct symbol (#155).


Date: 2020-07-02
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements and some breaking changes

  • Thawing prices now causes existing, unfinalized orders to recalculate and re-freeze prices at the current rate (#145).
  • Fixed YSOD when applying a discount with multiple rewards for the same price target. Applied discounts now accumulate all rewards per price type (#136).
  • Fixed bug in discounts where the "Block discount if previous discounts already apply" setting was not being honored (#142).
  • Fixed bug in discounts where Order Total based percentage discounts were not being applied (#143).
  • Fixed error when creating an order and adding order lines in the same UoW. This ultimately came down to the price freezing logic freezing prices too early. For new orders, prices are now frozen after the initial save (#140).
  • Fixed issue in migrations where some installs seem to convert unique indexes into unique constraints and so a YSOD is thrown when attempting to drop the index. We now check to see if a constraint exists first and then perform the appropriate task (#116).
  • IShippingCalculator methods now take in a ShippingCalculatorContext with a reference to the current order / order calculation should one be available (#146).
  • IPaymentCalculator methods now take in a PaymentCalculatorContext with a reference to the current order / order calculation should one be available (#146).


Date: 2020-06-17
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added license warning message to gift cards, discounts and store settings sections.
  • Fixed issue where sort dialog displays the wrong error message if there is an error whilst sorting (#131).
  • Fixed issue where Dates were incorrect due to use of DateTime.Now rather than DateTime.UtcNow (#134).
  • Fixed rounding issue in order calculation (#126).
  • Fixed issue with the entity cache storing null values which shouldn't be allowed.
  • Fixed issue where setting an explicit sort order on a new entity would be ignored on save.
  • Fixed regression issue from 1.2.3 where loading orders from the database was switching the order id and currency id of the order causing calculation problems.
  • Fixed issue with spelling mistake in discount rules / reward configs for Amounts Include Tax properties (#135).
  • Fixed issue with discounts not maintaining their sort order when loading from the database (#132).
  • Deprecated "Master" terminology in the code base so MasterRelation is now ProductSource (This is currently just deprecated so the existing MasterRelation will still work, but moving forward ProductSource will be the recommended terminology).
  • Updated the payment methods create dialog to exclude any payment providers marked with an [Obsolete] attribute. Obsolete payment providers can still be used, but they won't be selectable for new payment methods.
  • Removed the sort option from the Gift Cards section as gift cards aren't sortable (#131).
  • Made the Order.InitializeTransaction method public to allow people to create and finalize a transaction in code without having to go via a payment gateway.
  • Store Create method extended to make store auto population configurable. This is needed for Vendr.Deploy.


Date: 2020-06-12
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements and some minor breaking changes

  • Added support for UmbracoLicensesDirectory app setting to define where licenses are located (#119).
  • Added CanProcessOrder method to payment providers so that payment providers can pre-check whether they would be capable of processing a given order.
  • Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to update a products stock back to the previously entered stock level (#127).
  • Fixed issue where multiple operations within a single UoW were not being persisted due to stale state not getting updated correctly (#128).
  • Fixed issue with the Extract helper method throwing an exception if the give item to extract couldn't be found.
  • Fixed issue where null order / order line properties would cause persistence error.
  • Updated the percentage amount discounts rewards to only allow positive percentage values (#113).
  • Renamed the Persistance namespace to the correct Persistence spelling. This is a breaking change, but people shouldn't be using the persistence resources directly.
  • Moved ValidationError to Models namespace. This is a breaking change, but people shouldn't be using the ValidationError model directly.
  • With the introduction of the UmbracoLicensesDirectory app setting, if you are running on Umbraco Cloud and have a license installed, because Umbraco Cloud auto sets this setting to ~\App_Plugins\UmbracoLicenses\ you will need to move your license files from the App_Data folder to this new location.


Date: 2020-06-05
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Fixed issue with recent gift card config settings not being copied when a store is deep cloned.
  • Fixed issue with store "allowed users" not persisting due to incorrect variable name in views.
  • Fixed issue where domain events that affect the saving entity model were not being persisted due to a variable reference issue and deep comparisons not working.
  • Fixed issue with the sort dialog close button not working (#123).
  • Fixed issue where deleted gift cards were still showing in list view (#124).
  • Fixed issue where stock values were being cached at the page level where they should be at the request level (#125).
  • Only show payment / shipping "via" in the back-office if a payment / shipping method is known.
  • Added script to NuGet packages to auto increment client dependency version.
  • Order calculation now rounds prices to the currencies defined decimal places level after each calculation step in order to prevent rounding issues (#126).
  • Payment Provider cancel, continue and callback URL hashes now include the actual URL, and not just the reference as part of the hash. This is to prevent tampering of the the URLs.
  • Session cookies are now flagged as HttpOnly (this can be disabled by setting an app setting Vendr:Cookies:HttpOnly to false), and when the site is accessed over https, also flagged as Secure. This is to protect the session cookies from being hijacked from malicious entities.
  • The current finalized order is now stored in it's own session cookie with a limited lifetime of 5 minutes providing enough time to display a confirmation page, but no longer persisting until a new order took it's place.


Date: 2020-05-28
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Fixed bug in discount service preventing discount / gift cards from being redeemed 🤦‍♂️
  • Reverted fix for (#116) as it was preventing clean installs so needs investigating further 🤦‍♂️


Date: 2020-05-28
Description: Minor version release predominantly for the Gift Cards feature with a few bug fixes too

  • Added gift cards feature which includes a new sub-section in the commerce section along with the ability to create gift cards manually and additional automations for automatically creating gift cards and sending gift card emails when a gift card is purchased.
  • Added IGiftCardCodeGenerator to allow for custom gift card code generation strategy.
  • Added Zero Value payment provider in core to allow the passing through of orders who's final value is 0 and thus no payment needs to be taken. This will be up to the implementer however to setup and select this payment method accordingly.
  • Added gift card service methods to the global IVendrApi helper.
  • Added support of dynamic lambda statements in the syntax of {Model.Value} in email template subject lines (#107).
  • Added validation to the AddProduct method to ensure a price for the order currency exists.
  • Added _ViewStart.cshtml file to the Vendr views folder to reset any global layout that might have been defined (#117).
  • Fixed NullReference exception when adding a product to an order when missing a price (#112).
  • Fixed a number of migration SQL errors when upgrading using SQL Server (#116).
  • Fixed error with discount property rule not working correctly when a property doesn't exist (#115).
  • Fixed bug with discount code validation incorrectly reporting the discount code is already in use.
  • Store configuration now has additional gift card configuration fields.
  • Email Templates now have a category used to filter the email templates to display in "send email" dialogs.
  • Updated store create pipeline to auto create the default gift card email.
  • Updated store create pipeline to assign generated emails to the relevant categories.
  • Send email dialogs now have an ability to override the To address before sending.
  • Improved the PricePropertyValue models HasValue method to also check for null values.
  • Updated the UmbracoProductSnapshot.Prices property to check for values for the given currency before assuming it has a value.
  • IProductAdapater interface now has a new IsGiftCard property.


Date: 2020-05-19
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Fixed javaScript error when refreshing order list view after an order is deleted (#96).
  • Fixed formatting issue in table view selection message where X of Y message was being displayed without spaces.
  • Fixed YSOD when deleting an order line that has discounts applied to it (#98).
  • Fixed order lines being limited to a max of 100 quantity (#101).
  • Fixed YSOD in back-office when displaying the transaction info dialog when some keys have an empty value (#104).
  • Fixed YSOD when adding a sub order line to a bundle (#106).


Date: 2020-05-06
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Patch release dll timestamp not formatted in the correct way.
  • Fixed bug in TaxClassRepository.GetIdByAlias method which had a malformed SQL statement.
  • Fixed NuGet install script not working correctly in directories containing spaces.
  • When saving a product node with a stock property, only sync the value back to the stock database table if the property is dirty (#93).


Date: 2020-05-05
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added *, * and * as valid test domains.
  • Added strongly typed value converter for the store entity picker property editor.
  • Added missing validation events for Discount code add/update/remove.
  • Added validation events to all entities to validate the uniqueness of aliases / codes.
  • Added Exists methods to all entity services to make it easier to check for the existence of an entity.
  • Fixed bug in product uniqueness logic throwing a YSOD if you add a product with no uniqueness properties after one that has is already in the cart (#88).
  • Fixed build script formatting the patch release timestamp incorrectly.
  • Fixed YSOD when removing items from a cart and using SQL CE. This was due to a SQL statement that doesn't work on SQL CE. Now updated to work across the board (#89).
  • Fixed bug where discount codes declared on deleted discounts couldn't be reused (#91).
  • Discount aliases are now validated before save and display a friendly error message (#91).
  • Changed picker property editor 'add' buttons to use a button element, rather than a link tag (#86).
  • Changed table view 'create' buttons to use a button element, rather than a link tag (#87).
  • Implemented friendlier display of validation errors (#91).


Date: 2020-04-29
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Fixed issue with v1.1.0 NuGet package not copying email templates to the Views folder 🤦‍♂️.


Date: 2020-04-29
Description: Minor release with new features and some minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added "Unlimited" checkbox to discount codes to allow them to have unlimited usage (#50).
  • Added basic Order/Payment Status filters to Order list (#63).
  • Added escape key shortcut to close Discount rule/rewards settings editor dialog (#60).
  • Added feedback when copying order details to clipboard (#22).
  • Added new store entity picker property editor to merge together all store entity pickers. Tax Class picker is now obsolete in favour of this new picker.
  • Added email templates for the default Confirmation / Error emails.
  • Fixed YSOD when accessing transaction info for an order where the Payment Provider no longer existed. Now perform null checks on data (#58).
  • Fixed issue with NuGet packages not copying content files on upgrade. Added a PowerShell script to perform the copy.
  • Fixed bug where customer details weren't being persisted into the dedicated fields in the database table (they are still present in the properties collection where they are referenced from 99% of the time) (#85).
  • Rule / Reward builders now support infinite editing when creating a rule so closing the editor via the 'close' link now goes back to the rule / reward picker. (#81).
  • Removed code for shipping method / payment method picker property editors in favour of the new store entity picker. These were never made public as actual property editors, as they were only used by the rule / reward builder so this won't be classed as a breaking change.


Date: 2020-04-24
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added missing Product discount rule to discounts rule builder (#76).
  • Added basic Order Line Amount Reward that applies to all Order Lines.
  • Product prices now thaw when the last product of a type is removed from the cart (#71).
  • Fixed YSOD when saving a property with a null value. Property is now removed if the value is null (#78).
  • Changed the name of the Products Order Line Amount Reward to Order Line (with Product) Amount Reward as it's more descriptive of it's purpose.


Date: 2020-04-15
Description: Patch release with minor bug fixes / enhancements

  • Added ability to delete an order from the action menu.
  • Added permission checks to all entity controller actions.
  • Fixed ability to delete orders (#49).
  • Fixed issue with orders not finalizing if an error occurs sending emails. Email sending is now wrapped in a try catch that logs errors to the error log instead (#52).
  • Fixed bug in EmailTemplateService.SendEmail where it wasn't sending to the supplied To email address unless "Send to Customer" on the email template was checked. This setting now only applies if you call the SendEmail method version that accepts an Order. The signature with the explicit toEmailAddress parameter will always send to the provided email address (#54).
  • Percentage reward inputs now only accept decimals (#59).
  • Fixed property discount rule, property alias field description describing the wrong thing (#62).
  • Changed payment status colours so Authorized is now blue and Refunded is orange so that Refunded doesn't look like an error (#61).


Date: 2020-04-06
Description: Patch release with minor fixes found post launch

  • Fixed wrong license URL displayed in installer.
  • Fixed stock input field not allowing a stock level greater than 100 (#44).
  • Fixed stock input field rounding decimal stock levels on save (#45).
  • Updated all caches to use a GetOrAddIfNotNull method to ensure null entities don't end up in the internal cache.


Date: 2020-03-30
Description: Initial Vendr release

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