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API reference for Vendr.Web.Models in Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Vendr.Web.Models namespace

Public Type Description
class CountryDto
interface IHasPath
class OrderDto
class RegionDto
abstract class SearchDtoBase
class StockDto
class StoreDto

Vendr.Web.Models.Mappers namespace

Public Type Description
static class CountryMapper
static class CurrencyMapper
static class DiscountMapper
static class EmailTemplateMapper
static class GiftCardMapper
static class OrderMapper
static class OrderStatusMapper
static class PaymentMethodMapper
static class RegionMapper
static class ServicePriceMapper
static class ShippingMethodMapper
static class StoreMapper
static class TaxClassMapper
static class TaxRateMapper

Vendr.Web.Models.Reporting namespace

Public Type Description

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