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Performing calculations with Calculators in Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Within Vendr, Calculators are small service implementations with the sole responsibility of calculating prices for a given aspect of an Order. There are five main Calculator services interfaces in Vendr.

  • IShippingCalculator - Responsible for calculating the Shipping Method price / tax rate of a given Shipping Method.
  • IPaymentCalculator - Responsible for calculating the Payment Method price / tax rate of a given Payment Method.
  • IProductCalculator - Responsible for calculating the Product unit price / tax rate of a given Product.
  • IOrderLineCalculator - Responsible for calculating the price / tax rate of a given OrderLine.
  • IOrderCalculator - Responsible for calculating the entire Order.

All Calculator services can be replaced with alternative implementations should you wish to change how Vendr performs it's calculations.

Defining a custom Calculator implementation

Whilst the individual Calculator interfaces may differ, the process for defining a custom Calculator implementation is largely the same for all of them, creating a new class that implements the default system Calculator you wish to replace and then overriding the relevant calculation methods.

public class MyProductCalculator : ProductCalculator
    public MyProductCalculator(ITaxService taxService, IStoreService storeService)
        : base(taxService, storeService)
    { }

    public override TaxRate CalculateProductTaxRate(IProductSnapshot productSnapshot, TaxSource taxSource, TaxRate fallbackTaxRate)
        // Do custom tax rate calculation here

    public override Price CalculateProductPrice(IProductSnapshot productSnapshot, Guid currencyId, TaxRate taxRate)
        // Do custom price calculation here

Registering a custom Calculator implementation

Calculators are registered via a Composer using the RegisterUnique<TServiceInterface, TReplacementService>() method where the TServiceInterface parameter is the Calculator interface Type we wish to replace and TReplacementService is the Type of our custom Calculator implementation.

public void Compose(Composition composition)
    // Replacing the product calculator implementation
    composition.RegisterUnique<IProductCalculator, MyProductCalculator>();

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