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Product Adapters

Converting product sources into understandable products for Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

The role of a Product Adapter in Vendr is to provide an interface between a product information source (which by default will be an Umbraco node) and convert it into a standardized format such that Vendr doesn't need to be tied to that source.

What his means for developers is that Product Adapters allow you to hook in alternative product information sources that may not be Umbraco node based. For example, you may hold your product information in a third party database table, and so a custom Product Adapter would provide a means for Vendr to interface with that custom data in the same way as it would the default Umbraco node data source.

Example Product Adapter

An example of a Product Adapter would look something like this:

public class MyCustomProductAdapter : IProductAdapter
    public IProductSnapshot GetProductSnapshot(string productReference, string languageIsoCode)
        // Lookup a product by productReference and convert to IProductSnapshot

    public string GetProductReference(Guid storeId, string sku)
        // Lookup a product reference by store + sku

All Product Adapters implement the IProductAdapter which requires two method implementations. GetProductSnapshot which retrieves a Product Snapshot of the product reference by the productReference parameter and GetProductReference which retrieves a product reference for a product that belongs to a given storeId and has the given sku.

A Product Snapshot consists of the following properties in order to present a Product to Vendr in a standard way.

public interface IProductSnapshot
    string ProductReference { get; }
    string Sku { get; }
    string Name { get; }
    Guid StoreId { get; }
    Guid? TaxClassId { get; }
    IEnumerable<ProductPrice> Prices { get; }
    IDictionary<string, string> Properties { get; }

Registering a Product Adapter

Product Adapters are registered via a Composer using the RegisterUnique<IProductAdapter, TReplacementAdapter>() method where the TReplacementAdapter parameter is the Type of our custom Product Adapter implementation.

public void Compose(Composition composition)
    // Replacing the default Product Adapter implementation
    composition.RegisterUnique<IProductAdapter, MyCustomProductAdapter>();

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