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API reference for Vendr.Core in Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Vendr.Core namespace

Public Type Description
static class AssertionExtensions
Extension methods for performing assertions
static class Constants
Vendr constant variables
static class DictionaryExtensions
Dictionary extension methods
abstract class DynamicFactoryBase
static class EnumerableExtensions
Extensions for enumerable sources
static class EnumExtensions
static class IAmountExtensions
Extensions methods for IAmount entities
Defines a Unit of Work that holds an IDatabase reference
interface IDeepCloneable
Defines an entity that supports deep cloning
static class IPriceExtensions
Extensions methods for IPrice entities
Extension methods for the Vendr Product service
Extension methods for the Vendr Translation service
interface IUnitOfWork
Defines a Unit of Work
Defines a Provider that can create a IUnitOfWork
static class LoggerExtensions
Provides extension methods for the ILogger interface.
static class ObjectExtensions
Object extension methods
static class OrderExtensions
Extension methods for a Vendr Order
static class StringExtensions
String extension methods
static class TypeExtensions
Type extension methods
A IDatabaseUnitOfWork implementation using Umbraco Scopes
A IUnitOfWorkProvider implementation based on Umbraco Scopes

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