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API reference for Vendr.Core.Services in Vendr, the eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8+

Vendr.Core.Services namespace

Public Type Description
abstract class EntityServiceBase
Defines a service that supports cached entities
interface ICountryService
Defines the Vendr Country service
interface ICurrencyService
Defines the Vendr Currency service
interface IDiscountService
Defines the Vendr Discount service
Defines the Vendr Email Template service
interface IGiftCardService
interface IOrderService
Defines the Vendr Order service
Defines the Vendr Order Status service
Defines the Vendr Payment Method service
Defines the Vendr Price Freezer service
Defines the Vendr Product Price Freezer service
interface IProductService
Defines the Vendr Product service
interface IService
Marker interface for services
Defines the Vendr Shipping Method service
interface IStoreService
Define the Vendr Store service
interface ITaxService
Defines the Vendr Tax service
Defines the Vendr Translation service
abstract class ServiceBase
class TaxService
A central service context for easy access to all of Vendr's services

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