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byte5 - vaterschaftstests.de

10 November 2021

The Germany-based Umbraco Gold Partner, byte5, have been very busy creating a brand new Vendr eCommerce solution for their client. We caught up with the team to find out what they did.

byte5 - vaterschaftstests.de


byte5 are a technical service provider specialising in the implementation and optimisation of complex web and eCommerce projects using the most advanced technologies and methods. Among these are Umbraco, Laravel, IOTA, Microsoft Azure and many more. For each of those tools, we have certified and experienced developers and architects, who are continuously expanding their knowledge.

We have been working with Umbraco since 2008 and became Gold Partner in 2011. In our Frankfurt office a growing and creative team of developers is spending every day solving digital challenges with the CMS that we love, for many good reasons. With our daily work for our customers, but also by organising community events, we actively contribute to the future development of Umbraco.


Founded in 1998, Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH operates vaterschaftstests.de, a platform for the purchase of various DNA analyses of a person. The declared goal is to help people learn more about their ancestry and relationships. With more than one million DNA tests carried out and associated expert opinions generated, vaterschaftstests.de offers a secure analysis of sensitive data through state-of-the-art technology.

Eurofins Forensik entrusted byte5 with the relaunch of the existing Umbraco website vaterschaftstests.de. The task was to completely redesign the existing eCommerce system whose design should allow an intuitive and clear user experience. Furthermore, the client attached importance to an optimal responsive handling, an easy usability and a high performance.


byte5 has been in contact with Matt Brailsford and Outfield Digital (the creators of Vendr) for several years. Especially at community events such as the Umbraco Festival in Germany and CODECABIN, we have often met each other and had consistently positive experiences. So when we were looking for an alternative shop system in the Umbraco universe, it was therefore obvious to test out Vendr. Since we work extensively with React and Vue.js in our web projects, Vendr, with it's Vue approach was a perfect fit to our frontend tech stack. The ready-made integration of payment methods as well as the checkout functionality, was another argument for us to use Vendr in our client's project.


The existing shop system ran on Umbraco 6, was overhauled by byte5 and completely redeveloped with Umbraco 8. The team designed a Microsoft Azure-friendly eCommerce system with variant logic, which it neatly integrated with Umbraco8 and Vendr.

In doing so, we have largely adhered to the specified Vendr flow - not only to be as update-proof as possible. We only had to make two small modifications to meet our client's needs concerning e-mail traffic and the creation of order numbers.


Vendr turns Umbraco into a shopping platform: the best of both worlds - CMD and shop system - seamlessly integrated.

The byte5 team created a modern shop system that leaves no wishes and requirement unfulfilled: vaterschaftstests.de now has a remarkable performance, can be operated intuitively by users and is clearly structured.


Final Thoughts.

We are completely satisfied with the use of Vendr. If anything was unclear, we received feedback from the support team within a very short time. The comprehensive documentation has also been a great help in our work.