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Vendr Monthly Subscription Licences

29 March 2021

Introducing Vendr's new monthly subscription licences. A perfect way to pay for your eCommerce licensing, while allowing for better management of your cash-flow.

Vendr Monthly Subscription Licences

From the very beginning of developing Vendr we’ve always talked about the possibility of having a monthly subscription payment option as an alternative way to pay for smaller businesses or start-ups, making the cost of Vendr more cash-flow friendly.

Since launching back in March 2020, we’ve had a number of enquiries about monthly subscriptions from Umbraco developers working with their small business owner clients, who are looking to add on-line retail to their bricks and mortar business model or start a whole new venture.

Why now?

Now more than ever, the importance of on-line retail is huge when footfall to traditional retail outlets is non-existent and clients are looking to add additional revenue streams to their income or take the opportunity to forge new careers as eCommerce business owners.

ECommerce has been an ever increasing revenue maker in recent years and over the last 12 months eCommerce sales have rocketed with the forced changes to peoples shopping habits, due to the pandemic. ECommerce is expected to add 5.3 billion to the UK’s eCommerce sales alone, not to mention what that will be globally. So making a shift to eCommerce or improving your current on-line offering has never been more important.

What are the benefits of a subscription?

The developers asking us about subscriptions have been keen to use Vendr on their client sites, given it’s focus on simplicity and seamless editing experience between Umbraco and it’s own back office features, giving their clients full autonomy over their on-line business. However, the price of a full licence up-front can be an additional cost a lot of small businesses, sole traders and new start-ups just can’t manage in those early stages.

These enquiries for a subscription model confirmed our thinking and we’ve been working hard to bring it to fruition. And as such, we’re pleased to announce we have now launched our new Vendr Monthly Subscription Licence. There are no product level limitations, this licence option allows users to access all of the great features you would expect to see from Vendr and the monthly subscription means you also get the added bonus of unlimited upgrades. Our subscription service is available now for you and your clients at €85.00 +VAT per month (standard one-time licence fee is €1,500.00 +VAT, upgrade licences €600.00 +VAT). Find out more about Vendr Monthly Subscription Licences, including our FAQs by clicking the button below.



Thank you for reading.

Team Vendr.