Vendr Lite

29 July 2021

Vendr Lite is our new eCommerce offering with a limited feature set at a lower price point, ideal for small businesses and start ups.

Vendr Lite

We’re excited to announce our latest Vendr offering, Vendr Lite. Vendr Lite is a paired back version of our award winning eCommerce solution for Umbraco, available at a lower price point as a monthly subscription.

When creating Vendr we wanted to keep simplicity at heart, for both the product and it’s pricing - simple pricing, all the features. We didn’t want to have multiple pricing levels with various locked features, creating a minefield of choice. However, after speaking with potential customers it has become clear that a cheaper option with a limited feature set would be ideal for smaller businesses or start ups looking to team Umbraco with Vendr for their online offering.

In creating Vendr Lite we’re still providing so much Vendr goodness; a simple back office editing experience, clear order processing and all the basic features required for a successful webshop. There are, as mentioned, limitations on the features you get with Vendr Lite in comparison to Vendr Complete. See the below image to find more about what features are reduced for Vendr Lite.

Vendr Lite - Feature Comparison Chart

By offering Vendr Lite as a monthly subscription it helps to keep initial overheads down for a lower barrier to entry, especially for those businesses taking their first tentative steps into the eCommerce space. Also, as the business grows and you require more features, you can easily switch to our Vendr Complete subscription plan. The cost for Vendr Lite is €45.00 per month, per domain + VAT.



We hope our new offering is an exciting prospect and as always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

Team Vendr