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Vendr Community Contributions

21 October 2020

When you release a product, your first hope is that people will use it. When people start to use it, your next hope is that people love it enough to share their solutions.

It's been less than a year that Vendr was launched but we are already seeing some amazing community contributions that we'd really like to highlight.

Vendr Community Contributions

Payment Providers

Probably the main extension point that most Vendr developers are likely to work with is the payment providers API for integrating with different payment gateways. Whilst most might simply implement a provider for their own needs, we've been fortunate enough recently to have community members creating these extensions and releasing them for others to use.

Vendr Payment Providers

Out of the 11 payment providers we currently have available, 7 of these have been contributed by the community (3 of which have been taken on as core supported providers). A big thank you goes out to:

  1. Buckaroo - Stefan Kip
  2. DIBS - Bjarne Fyrstenborg
  3. Klarna - Carbon Six Digital
  4. Opayo - Nik Rimington
  5. QuickPay - Bjarne Fyrstenborg
  6. Reepay - Bjarne Fyrstenborg
  7. Yourpay - Bjarne Fyrstenborg


Beyond payment providers is an area we didn't expect to see people to be contributing in so soon, but thanks to our amazing community we are already seeing add-on functionality being developed such as the fantastic Vendr Reviews package developed by Bjarne Fyrstenborg.

Vendr Reviews

The level of detail that went into this package and making it seamless with the Vendr / Umbraco experience is amazing to see in a contributed package. #h5yr Bjarne.

Not satisfied with the one add-on, Bjarne has teamed up with Nik Rimington to start work on a new add-on for Wishlists functionality so watch this space.

Another amazing add-on contributed by the community is Vendr uSync by Kevin Jump that adds uSync compatibility to Vendr making deployments an absolute breeze.

Vendr uSync

It's been so amazing to see the community looking to extend Vendr in these ways and to such a great quality too. We can't wait to see what others come up with in the future, but for now we'd like to give a big thanks to our community add-on package developers. 🙌

  1. Vendr Reviews - Bjarne Fyrstenborg
  2. Vendr WishlistsBjarne Fyrstenborg & Nik Rimington
  3. Vendr uSync - Kevin Jump

Articles, Videos and Talks

Contributions aren't just about code either. We've also seen a bunch of people writing, v/blogging and talking about Vendr at different events too, all of which have been a huge help in spreading the Vendr word and helping encourage other developers to give us a try.

The excellent video series by Paul "Codeshare" Seal was so slick we just had to make it part of our offical documentation (with Paul's permission of course)

We've seen some great articles and blog posts written by the community too such as:

  1. Comparing Umbraco eCommerce Packages - Carbon Six Digital
  2. Developing E-commerce Sites with Vendr - Carbon Six Digital
  3. Building a Webshop in Vendr - Gareth Wright

And also some amazing talks:

  1. Adding Faceted Search to Vendr - Callum Whyte
  2. An Introduction to Vendr - Poornima Nayar

What are we doing to help

For all the code contributions we are helping the community as much as we can as we really see these contributions as a win-win. To help developers then we have created a GitHub organization called VendrContrib where developers are free to house their repositories. 

VendrContrib on GitHub

In addition to this we will also offer direct support in getting packages setup and will also integrate the repositories into our Azure DevOps pipelines to allow automatic deployment to both the NuGet Gallery and to the Umbraco developer portal, Our. We can even help house the documentation on our official Vendr docs portal to help people get started. 

Vendr Reviews Docs

For anyone looking to contribute in a non-code way, feel free to drop us a line and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer any support you might need in producing your contribution.

Thank You

It's been so amazing to see people wanting to contribute to Vendr, especially with it being a commercial endeavor. All we can really say to people who do give their time up freely to contribute is to say a big thank you for all your support. It is really and truly appreciated.