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Deploying a Vendr Store with Umbraco Deploy and uSync

28 September 2020

With the Vendr uSync and Vendr Deploy add-on packages, deploying your Vendr store between environments has never been easier.

Deploying a Vendr Store with Umbraco Deploy and uSync

So you've spent the last week or so crafting your Vendr store setup and have it all working perfectly on your development machine, but now comes the fun part, deploying to your staging / live environment.

You could take a database backup and restore it on your different environments, but this isn't exactly friendly. Thankfully there are two great options for assisted deployments within Umbraco, namely Umbraco Deploy and uSync. And, lucky for you, Vendr now supports them both.

Umbraco Deploy

Used predominantly by Umbraco HQ for their Cloud offering (though we hear it's getting pretty close to being released for on-premises use too) Umbraco Deploy is the official Umbraco HQ offering for Umbraco based deployments.

Umbraco Deploy

With our new Vendr Deploy add-on package, simply install it into your solution and all your Vendr settings will automatically be persisted to disk and deployed between environments without you even having to press a button.

Umbraco Deploy History


The other big hitter in the Umbraco deployment arena is uSync, an open source and community driven solution that is used by many an agency. Developed and maintained by Kevin Jump, uSync has been around for quite a while and has been thoroughly battle tested making it a highly reliable deployment solution.

Vendr uSync Report

With our new Vendr uSync add-on package installed, all your store settings will automatically be serialised and persisted to disk to be committed to your source code repository. Deployment is made super simple by the easy to use uSync dashboard where you can run reports and imports of the persisted changes.

Vendr uSync Imported


With both these add-on packages now being available (free and open-source we might add), this makes Vendr the only Umbraco eCommerce solution that supports both of these well loved deployment options. So no matter how your prefer to do your deployments, you can rest assured that Vendr can handle it.