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Bump Digital Become The First Vendr Prestige Partner!

21 April 2021

We can't wait to officially launch our new Vendr Partner Program! In the meantime, find our more about our very first Prestige Partner!

Bump Digital Become The First Vendr Prestige Partner!

We will, in the very near future, be launching our Vendr Partner Program. We have been overwhelmed by the number of enquiries about the program from our initial announcement and we even have our first sign up!

We’re super excited to announce that Bump Digital, headed up by the inimitable Callum Whyte, are the very first Umbraco agency to become a Vendr Prestige Partner!

We’ve known for some time that the development talent within the Bump Digital team has been strong, but seeing their work in action through the Vendr Prestige Partner code review process, looking at their recent Vendr implementations, which sees them extending the product to create bespoke but simple eCommerce solutions for their clients, has been a real treat. We took time to speak with Callum to understand more about Bump Digital, his thoughts on Vendr and why becoming a Vendr Prestige Partner means so much to them.


Lucy - Tell us a little about Bump Digital.

Callum - Hi, we’re Bump! We’re a team of friendly Umbraco and Azure experts based in the UK, working with everyone from charities to large global organisations. We try to push the limits of what Umbraco can do to create flawless technical solutions for our clients. Community is in our DNA and we love to give back - you’ll certainly have used one of our packages, seen us on the Umbraco repos, or at an event!

Lucy - Why did you choose Vendr as your eCommerce solution?

Callum - Having worked with just about every eCommerce solution over the years, it always gave us an uneasy feeling whenever it came up as requirement. Knowing the high quality products Matt Brailsford / Outfield Digital (developer / owners of Vendr and Tea Commerce) have made in the past, Vendr filled us with a lot of excitement when it was announced and gave us confidence not to shy away from eCommerce going forward. We started our first Vendr project shortly after it was released and it was love at first byte!


Lucy - What is your experience of using Vendr?

Callum - We love the power and flexibility that Vendr gives us, without having to worry about all those scary eCommerce bits like payments or taxes. It feels right at home inside Umbraco and merchants feel comfortable using it. We’ve built stores with anything from 5 to 15000 products and it barely breaks a sweat. It’s been far easier than expected to build advanced system features too, including generating print-ready PDFs of orders, or integrating with marketing systems, or complex pricing rules. Much like with Umbraco we can build upon the Vendr back office to add features without the need to modify any core code - like this helpful option we added for previewing email templates within store settings.

Lucy - Why did you become a Vendr Prestige Partner?

Callum - As long standing Vendr power-users it felt like a natural step, and it’s a privilege to be the first ever Prestige Partner! The Vendr team have been incredibly receptive to our feedback over the past year, sometimes helping make “impossible” features happen, so it’s great to formalise our relationship. Having built many (now open-sourced!) customisations to enhance our client’s Vendr experiences, the extended code review process to become a Prestige Partner was a perfect opportunity to exchange feedback and ideas as well as confirm our solutions are following recommended practice, and that for me is where the value in becoming a Vendr Prestige Partner is.


As you can see, Bump Digital really do have all the skills to not only create great Vendr eCommerce sites, but to push the boundaries and extend Vendr to provide their clients with bespoke, easy to use, content driven eCommerce websites.

If you’d like to know more about how to become a Vendr Partner, ahead of our official launch, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

We hope to welcome you to our Vendr Partner Program soon.

Lucy, Team Vendr.