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Vendr uSync

Vendr uSync
Seamless deployments between environments using uSync.

Why Vendr uSync?

uSync is one of the most popular open source tools for Umbraco making deployments between environments as simple as clicking a button. With Vendr uSync, you get that same simplicity but now with the ability to deploy your Vendr store settings between environments.

Just install the package, and you are ready to start deploying.

Automatic Serialization

With Vendr uSync installed all store settings are automatically serialized to disk ready to be deployed at any time.

Change Reporting

With Vendr uSync you can instantly see what has changed since the last import and see exactly what changes are ready to deploy.

Simple Importing

With Vendr uSync importing changes is as simple as clicking a button. See progress as it happens and a report of all changes that have been applied.

Additional Features

  • Deployment Features
    • Automatic Entity Serialization
    • All Vendr Settings Supported
    • All Vendr Property Editors Supported
    • Changes Deployed at the click of a Button
  • Dashboard Features
    • Report on changes
    • Import when you choose to
    • Import progress