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Vendr Deploy

Umbraco deploy history
Deploy changes between environments effortlessly

Why Vendr Deploy?

One of the hardest parts of Umbraco development is the time it comes to deploy your site to the live or staging environment. This isn't too difficult the first time, but once the site has gone live and changes need to be made, it suddenly becomes a game of "spot the difference".

With Vendr Deploy for Umbraco Cloud / Umbraco Deploy it suddenly becomes effortless to deploy your Vendr settings between environments as everything is handled for you automatically. Just install the package, and you are ready to start deploying.

Automatic Serialization

With Vendr Deploy installed all store settings are automatically serialized to disk ready to be handled by Umbraco Deploy.

Automatic Deploy

With your entities serialized to disk and committed to your repository, Umbraco Deploy will automatically monitor and deploy changes for you.

Additional Features

  • Deployment Features
    • Automatic Entity Serialization
    • All Vendr Settings Supported
    • All Vendr Property Editors Supproted
    • Changes Automatically Deployed Between Environments