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We love Umbraco

By harnessing the power of Umbraco, Vendr allows you to create eCommerce websites that can be managed with ease. Vendr integrates seamlessly with Umbraco, providing a consistent content editor experience.


Discounting in Vendr is super easy. Our Discount Rules and Rewards builder means you can create inline product/cart and code based discounts in a few short steps.

Plugable Payment Providers

Vendr has a number of payment providers ready to implement straight out-of-the-box. Our payment provider architecture is completely plugable too, so you can even write your own.

Search Engine Optimised

As Vendr products are Umbraco nodes, you get to take advantage of all the SEO friendly property editors and packages available for Umbraco.

Fully Customisable

As with Umbraco, Vendr is a simple yet flexible solution, making customisation a doddle. Vendr makes use of events and pipelines to allow you to extend it's capabilities.

Global Tax & Currency Support

It doesn’t matter where you’re selling from, out-of-the-box Vendr provides the ability to create any country and currency, with their applicable tax rate, as and when you need them.

Why Choose Vendr?

Born from our love of Umbraco and the need for a powerful yet simple eCommerce solution for Umbraco v8, Vendr was created to fulfil that need.

Built on the legacy of our v7 eCommerce solution, Tea Commerce, Vendr takes the knowledge learnt from years of development and distills it into a new, fully maintained and future ready solution.

Our approach has been to keep things simple, streamlining processes, maintaining flexibility and bringing the back office in line with Umbraco. With Vendr you can tailor eCommerce to fit your exact needs, rather than being forced to change your processes to fit your platform. That is why Vendr is the best choice for your Umbraco 8+ eCommerce web site.


A message from Vendr's creator

As an avid Umbraco developer for over ten years, building numerous packages and becoming a multi-Umbraco MVP, taking over Tea Commerce and developing Vendr seemed like the next logical step for us.

Building Vendr has been a lot of fun and I really think it is a simple, yet robust eCommerce solution for developers and store owners alike. Also, we're thrilled Vendr has won an award for Best Expansion Package at the 2021 Umbraco Package Awards!

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